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Custom Jigs

Our lures are great for Ice Fishing as well as open water summer fishing. Custom Jigs started almost 30 years ago producing high quality ice fishing lures that expert ice fisherman desired. We continue today by improving our existing lures and developing new ones, with input from our extensive Pro-Staff, as well as from suggestions from serious ice fisherman such as yourself. We're extremely proud that some of our most recent lures, as well as some of our tried and true favorites, have been very successful crossing over into the open water summer fishing arena. Ratso, Shrimpo, Finesse Plastics, Ant and Rat Finkee all have been used with great success by anglers all year round.

We at Custom Jigs & Spins, Inc. use only the highest quality raw materials including Mustad hooks to insure that the lures you purchase are the finest on the market today.

All of our lures are handpainted with a super hard finish and paint free eyes.

So don't settle for less, ACCEPT only the best.


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