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BFishn™ Tackle

BFishN Jigs and Baits for Ice Fishing

At B FISH N™ Tackle, we design lures that catch more fish. We have NEVER concerned ourselves with creating the next “flash in the pan” lure or having the glitziest packaging intended to catch more fisherman than fish!

Our focus has always been, and will always be on making high quality baits and lures that have been refined through years of field testing before they are ever released to the public. 

Our jigs and baits are perfect for catching walleye, crappie, bass, pike, bluegill and more!

When you make a purchase of B FISH N™ Tackle, AuthentX™ plastic, a jig or blade bait, you can count on receiving the high quality product we know how to make and you can count on it catching fish!


  • AuthentX™ Fleece Sweatshirt

    $32.95 - $34.95

     Stay warm while out on the water or ice with our latest Authentix brand fashion sweatshirt. Crafted from long-lasting fleece, this fleece shirt is as comfortable as it is warm. Machine washable. • Bold Three Panel Black and Red• 5.5...

  • Kit-Ribb-Fin™


    AuthentX Ribb-Finn™ Kit   64 pcs. This kit contains 8 bags (64 pcs.) of all the colors available of our Ribb-Finn™. Great for all game fish, especially walleye! Colors Include: Chartreuse with Orange Core, Chartreuse with Green...

  • H20 Precision jigs box


    This multi adjustable compartment tackle storage box has 3 evenly spaced channels with adjustable dividers. Great for storing spoons, jigs, blade baits, terminal tackle, etc. Two latches snap the lid shut. Made from clear plastic. Large enough to hold a...