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Authentx Plastics


  • AuthentX Pulse-R

    $5.68 - $61.98

    Swimbaits have been utilized by walleye and bass anglers for decades now, but not until the development of the Pulse-R Paddle Tail has a swimbait been this effective at ultra slow speeds. This bait is designed to come alive when fished slowly and produce...

  • AuthentX 4" Ringworm

    $5.68 - $43.44

    The 4” Ringworm has earned the reputation as one of the most versatile soft plastic baits every created … deadly for early-season river ‘eyes and saugers or fished near deep weed edges and rocky shorelines for summertime largies and...

  • AuthentX 3.25" Paddletail

    $5.95 - $43.23

    Whether rigged on a Precision Series H20 jig head or a keel-weighted EWG hook, the 3.25” Paddletail is a champ! Tweak your jighead size and work a “countdown” method to fish any area of the water column … and rigged to...

  • AuthentX Ribb-Finn

    $5.68 - $61.98

    What happens when you take our ribbed belly plastic and combine it with the tail of a minnow? Why, big walleyes and smallmouths, of course. This unique bait is not your average jerk minnow. It’s more of a finesse bait…for when a Moxi or a...

  • Kit-Ribb-Fin


    Ribb-Finn Kit   64 pcs. This kit contains 8 bags (64 pcs.) of all the colors available of the new Ribb-Finn. Great for all game fish, especially walleye!    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -