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Tungsten Ice Fishing Jigs


 Build A “Tungsten Bug” With Ice Pro Walt Matan

I like to add Custom Jigs & Spins plastics to the tungsten Chekai and Majmün jigs. You can use Ratso/Shrimpo tails, Wedgees, Noodels and Nuclear Ant legs in combination. One extremely effective combo is what I like to call a “Tungsten Bug”. I’ll slide Nuclear Ant legs up on a Chekai lure first, then followed by a Wedgee tail. This Tungsten Bug has all the action and attraction that big bull ’gills and crappies can’t resist! The legs and tail undulates with the slightest movement of the rod tip. I’ve watched the action with an Aqua-Vu camera where big bluegills will actually push smaller fish out of the way to grab the bug! Sometimes I’ll add a few red spikes to the combo, which gives the fish a target point to attack and adds a little scent.—Walt Matan, CJS lure designer/ice pro.


  • Chekai Tungsten Ice Jig


    Chekai - CJS Tungsten jig designer, Croatian Sensation, snappy dresser and Brother of the 4X4! The Chekai (Pron. “check-eye”) Jig sports a popular tungsten head design, a superior non-chip epoxy paint scheme, an ultra-sharp Owner hook and...