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Rippin Lips Pro Staff

John Jamison and Mark Thompson (Kansas)

John is one of the founders of Rippin Lips tackle. He helped in the design process of the original SuperCat rods, Tournament Grade Circle Hooks, Bootleg Dip Bait and Scent Trail Attractant. Countless articles have been written about John and his soft spoken partner Mark Thompson’s catfish tournament tactics in In-Fisherman, Catfish Insider and dozens of other catfish publications.

While John and Mark are elder statesmen on the tournament circuit, their techniques and tactics are cutting edge. Sponsored by Lund Boats, they fish out of a Lund Pro Guide tiller and use the Minnkota Terrova pointed into the current to allow them to slowly slip downstream while bumping bait for blue cats. This is a relatively new technique that many catfish anglers have adopted as a tournament winning strategy.



Captain Brad Durick

Brad is a nationally known catfish guide, outdoor writer and educator coming from the famed Red River of the North out of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Brad is the only full time channel catfish guide on the Upper Red River.

Brad spends countless hours researching river channel cats to fine tune patterns to catch more and bigger catfish. This research led to the release of his 2013 book Cracking the Channel Catfish Code and his 2016 follow-up Advanced Catfishing Made Easy. In addition to writing two books, Captain Brad writes catfishing articles for various publications. He is also instructs Catfish University seminars each winter around the Midwest.

Brad has appeared on many television shows such as In-Fisherman, G3 Sportsman, Midwest Outdoors, The Outdoors Report, Dakota Destinations, Outdoorsman Adventures, Jason Mitchell Outdoors, and Catfishing America. He is also a regular on Lindner Media’s He has also appeared in numerous magazines and publications such as In-Fisherman, Outdoor Life, Game and Fish Magazine, Catfish Magazine, Iowa Sportsman, Dakota Country and many others.

Captain Brad Durick is partner with: G3 Boats, Rippin Lips Fishing Products, Cat River Anchors, Frabill, Plano, Dexter Knives, Big Frig Coolers, Yamaha Outboards, Drift Master Rod Holders, Drayton, ND Chamber of Commerce and Red Roof Inn of Grand Forks, ND.

You can reach him at 701-739-5808


Justin Cook & Gary Ryan (Missouri)

"If you ain’t first, you’re last!" might as well be Justin Cook and his catfish tournament partner Gary Ryan’s motto. These two have racked up a bunch of top tournament victories in major tournaments in Lake of the Ozarks, Cabela’s King Kat - Lexington Kentucky, Sea Ark Owners, D & H Outdoors and back-to-back victories at Cabela’s King Kat in 2014 ad 2015 at Tawakoni Texas.

While they have two completely opposite personalities; Justin is brash and talks a little smack, while Gary is soft spoken and always thinking, their personalities complement each other when they are in a tournament together.

Justin points out that, "I really enjoy fishing for catfish and tournaments give me a chance to fish new water, test my skills and to be quite honest, there’s the thrill of winning! I’ve grown up fishing most of my life. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into learning what I know today. Now that I have kids, I’ve slowed down some but it’s worth it. I love spending time with my family."

Justin and Gary have been featured in articles and television shows such as: 2014 Lund Lineup Brochure, July 2014 In-Fisherman, Visual Films: Missouri River Cat Tournament, Catfish Winners Circle on Facebook for 2014 most weight weighed in at a tournament, 2013 In-Fisherman Catfish Guide and 2016 In-Fisherman Catfish Guide.

"Gary and I plan on fishing Monsters on the Ohio , Monster on the Mississippi, Cabala’s King Kat in Texas, Brunswick Cat and the SeaArk owners tournaments. Gary & I hope to see some new competitors at these tournaments...and obviously we will take your money!"


Bink and Janet Fox

This husband and wife team has been on the Rippin Lips Pro Staff since day one! Not only do they preach the benefits of SuperCat rods and Tournament Grade Circle hooks to anglers new to the catfish scene, but they are willing to take the extra time to show you all of their tournament winning secrets; often it’s the little things that separate a champion from an average angler.

The tournament catfishing community is a small but friendly (with a few exceptions) group of people who get together to compete, share techniques, fish top catfishing bodies of water and make friends. While everyone in the group can’t agree on everything, they will all agree on one thing - that Janet and Bink are two of the nicest people you will ever meet!

You can find Rippin Lips favorite pro Staff team of Bink and Janet Fox at a major catfish event near you!

You can follow Bink on facebook:  James, Bink Fox



Roger & Marty Gerloff (Missouri)

These feared tournament tackle busting brothers have been using Rippin Lips SuperCat rods and Tournament Grade Circle hooks in all of their recent top ten tournament finishes. Sometimes they fish together, other times they compete against one another.

You can’t miss Roger, as he fishers out of one of the sleek new Crestliner Catfish Edition series deep-vee hulled boats instead of one of the jon boat style rigs that many tournament anglers use. Roger gives newcomers this pointer; "Big rivers can be rough water. Current, wind and barges can really create some big waves and a deep-vee hull will keep you fishing harder and safer, longer!" While Roger is sponsored by Crestliner Boats, Marty is sponsored by Lund Boats. It seems that these two can't agree on anything...except that catfish are the king of the freshwater fish!

Look for Roger and Marty at the major catfishing tournaments across the nation.


Rocky Childress (Team Cat Whisperer) (South Carolina)

Rocky is a hard working catfisherman with a love for flatheads. He lives with in a 3 hr. drive of lake Wylie, Wateree and Sante Cooper which are all prime catfish bodies of water.

Rocky fishes every tournament he can out of a new Express XP220 Catfish Edition, powered by a Yamaha 150 Fourstroke, rigged by Clemson Marina.

Follow Rocky on Facebook: Rocky Childress
Follow Rocky on Youtube: TeamCatWhisperer

• Cabela's King Kat Super
• Santee Cooper Monster Cat Quest
• Southeastern Catfish Club-
• Cabela's King Kat Southern Championship
• Lake Hartwell, Clemson, SC Lake Hartwell Cat Chasers


Travis Robertson (Missouri)

Travis is a full time cattle farmer in Bourbon Missouri who works hard and plays hard! He might not have a lot of free time, but when he does he spends it with his family out hunting and fishing. Travis is a spoonbill and trophy catfish expert and thrilled that his 5 year old son joins him on most outings.

"I have been catfishing for as long as I can remember, but just last year I entered in my first catfish tournament which was the Mississippi River Monsters in Memphis. I had no clue what I was getting into and I learned a lot in two days. I stopped by the Rippin Lips booth at the show to look at some SuperCat rods and there I meet Walt Matan from Rippin Lips and more importantly, veteran angler Bink Fox. I bought a couple rods and Bink gave me some pointers and tried to help me a bit which I greatly appreciated.

I then decided to fish the Monsters of the Ohio tournament with my good friend and expert catfisherman Jeremy Ransom. Jeremy did a lot of scouting starting two weeks before the tournament, so we had a solid game plan. This helped us in taking first place and also catching my new personal best catfish on a Rippin Lips SuperCat rod.

I plan on fishing the Mississippi River Monsters, and Monsters of the Ohio at this time. I will be going to Catfish Convention as well. I hope to do a few more tournaments but as of now that's all I have scheduled."


Captain Rich Bay (Kentucky)

Captain Rich is a retired Chicago fireman who moved down to "Gods Country" in Peducah Kentucky a few years back to become a full-time guide on Kentucky Lake. While the big draw on the Kentucky Lake is crappie, Rich has no trouble fishing for whichever species is hot at the moment. Largemouth, white bass and catfish will often make up the days catch on Rich’s boat.

Kentucky Lake is blessed with numbers and size of channel catfish, which Rich catches on Rippin Lips Bootleg Dip bait. He will also take you out for flatheads, which prefer a lively bluegill on the end of a circle hook.

By the way, Rich guides his clients out of a state-of-the-art Lowe pontoon boat! It’s tricked out like a bass boat with full electronics, a Minnkota Terrova on the bow, Minnkota Talon’s on the stern, two drift socks and a Mercury Fourstroke. With this rig Rich can accomidate 4 or more anglers and he can spider rig, troll, drift or anchor with the precision only found on a smaller rig.

You can reach Captain Rich Bay at


Jesse Quale (Wisconsin)

Jesse is a full time fishing and hunting guide in the Petenwell/ Castle Rock Wisconsin area. Operating out of a 20' Alumacraft Competitor Tiller, Jesse will guide you to anything that swims including monster sized channel and flathead catfish on both lakes and the Wisconsin River.

"Channel cats can really clamp down on the Rippin Lips Bootleg Bold & Bloody dip bait from ice out until the lakes freeze solid in December. We even catch them through the ice when we target walleye. The lakes I guide have channels up to twenty pounds and are considered a nuisance fish by most anglers. Any fish that fights hard isn’t a nuisance to me!"

"Flatheads prefer a large sucker or bluegill on an 8/0 circle hook. Flatheads can be found in the river around deadfalls and also right below the dams. There are some really large fish here and it is not uncommon to catch double-digit amounts of fish on any given day. Best of all these catfish receive very little fishing pressure and we practice catch and release!"

Follow Jesse on Facebook or twitter: Jesse Quale or Green Water Walleyes

You can reach him at:


Tim Peppers (Georgia)

Tim Peppers is an intense catfisherman that never met a catfish he didn’t look like! He is so smitten with these whiskery fish that he hosts a facebook page along with his wife and "once ‘n a while tournament partner, Sherry Rebbeca. The site is called Uncharted Catfish Elite which is open to all, regardless of catfishing experience.

When Tim isn’t extolling the benefits of Rippin Lips SuperCat Rods, to anyone who will listen including his mailman, next door neighbors, pharmacist, bank teller and drive through gal at the Hardee’s, he is out in the boat in search of the next big catfish. He has caught some big-uns, too and is a former holder of the Georgia Coosa River record.

Tim fishes the Coosa Valley tournaments in Georgia, the Hookem Hold’em Catfish Trail, Monsters of the Mississippi River and Monsters on the Ohio Tournaments.

Like Uncharted Catfish Elite on Facebook for some great catfishing action!


Tony Deboeuf - (Team Cat-A-Holic) (Missouri)

Rippin Lips Pro Staff Member, Tony DeBoeuf has been fishing since he was a youngster. "I retired from State Technical College of Missouri in 2016 and my new job is catfishing, something I have always dreamed of doing at this point of my life!  (Hopefully, Tony has a good pension!)

My team name is TEAM CAT-A-HOLIC.  In 2016 I became a Pro Staff member for Rippin Lips and very proud to be part of the team and support their products.   I really like the Rippin Lips 8 footer teamed up with Ming Yang MC600!

I will be fishing tournaments all year. Some of the states I will be in are; Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.  I'll be fishing ICATS in Iowa, PBSS Flathead in Kansas, Twisted Cats in IL. and Mo., Cabela's King Kat in Texas Tennessee, Mississippi River Monsters in Memphis Tennessee and Monsters on the Ohio in Kentucky."

Tony also has a little side business repairing reels and developing new catfishing products. He also has been chronicling his adventures on youtube. When Tony retires, he really works!

Follow Tony on facebook at: Team Cat-A-Holic


Mike Paul (Ohio)

Mike caught his first flathead over 50 lbs when he was 17 years old with a Zebco 33 on 10 lb test and has been hooked ever since!

"I'm a father of three wonderful daughters, one in college, a freshman, and an 8th grader that all love to fish. I am a veteran catfish angler. Been doing the tournament scene since the late 1980s. I’ve collected several wins over that time."

Mike also developed, manufactures and sells NeverSnag Anchors, which is the preferred anchor for serious catfishermen. It’s lightweight and compact, yet will hold a large boat in heavy current.

"While I love to catfish from my boat, I still love action from the bank. The Bank catfisherman is an overlooked angler. I often stop to chat with bank fishermen, who usually are in need of a few pointers. I’m excited about Rippin Lips 10 and 12 foot medium heavy spinning rods. These catfish catapults are perfect for the catfisherman who hit the banks, you can cast with them a country mile!

I try to promote fishing whenever I can. I have personally donated over 50 rod reel combos and tackle boxes to KY division of Ducks Unlimited to give away to youth. I’ve also donated countless numbers of the same here in Ohio to various clubs supporting youth and handicap involvement in the sport of fishing.

I fish a dozen or so club and smaller tournaments and 4 to 6 national events per season."

You can reach Mike at


Chuck Snyder - (Team Hookset) (Ohio)

Chuck is an avid catfisherman who will fish day and night for his favorite fish. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty or his boat stinky when he uses Bootleg Sweet and Sticky Dipbait for channel cats.

Whether he fishes out of his Alumacraft 1860 tunnel hull or on the bank, the catfish beware! Besides Bootleg Dig Bait, his other favorite baits are cut bluegill, live creek chubs and live gold fish. His PB channel is a 15 pounder and flathead weighed a hefty 47 pounds.

Chuck fishes the Cabela’s King Kat trail, Tuscarawas River Monster Series, Northern Ohio Tournament Trail among others.


Melinda and Bryan Folsom (Georgia)
Team Backwoods Catters

This husband and wife team loves to fish! In fact most birthday, anniversary and holiday presents revolve around fishing. While many couples idea of a romantic moment is a candlelight dinner this hardcore angling couple’s idea of romance is an all-nighter in the boat fishing for monster flatheads!

They were both raised in the outdoors by their parents and grandparents starting out fishing for bream, on to bass and finally now their passion is catfishing! They are ardent believers in practicing Catch Photo and Release and promote their passion to anyone on the bank or boat.

Melinda and Bryan are a force to be reckoned with in the catfishing tournament circuit, with many top ten finishes over their career. They fish more than a dozen large and small tournaments a year including Bass Pro Big Cat Quest, Mississippi River Monsters, Monsters on the Ohio and the Hold’ em Hook circuit.

Always available for a laugh or a tip or to share a big fish picture, look for Melinda and Bryan at backwoods Catters on facebook.






Terry Rogers (Kentucky)

Terry is a competitive tournament catfisherman and avid outdoorsman from Paducah, Ky. He, along with his fishing partner William Clapp, compete in several local and national tournaments each year including Monsters On The Ohio, Mississippi River Monsters, and the SeaArk Invitational.

Terry grew up fishing the Kentucky portion of the Mississippi River and also the Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge while fishing these rivers for big cats and is currently exploring the idea of starting a catfish only guide service on these waters.

Terry has always considered himself a conservationist when it comes to catfishing, always selective harvest and CPR wherever he goes. Where ever Terry is, you can usually find him talking catfishing with someone and sharing some of the vast knowledge he has acquired over the past 40 or so years of catfishing. Terry says of himself......"Catfishing is in my blood, it's a very big part of who I am."

You can follow Terry on facebook and youtube.  His videos are very popular and informative.