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Gill Pill

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Ice Fishing
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A must for any ice jig box, the ’Gill Pill is a tiny—yet heavy—ice jig with a half-moon profile. It has a flat bottom for added fluttering action and an ultra-sharp 45-degree offset hook for solid hook sets.


Ice Fishing

The ’Gill Pill is designed for bluegills and crappies. Size 16 and 14 will catch fish from shallow water weed areas of clear water lakes. When sight fishing, use white or glow colors that can be easily seen. Add spikes, waxworms or Wedgees for added attraction.

Open Water

Use the heavier size 12 or 10 ’Gill Pill on 4-pound test for lights-out spring panfish action, no bobber required. You’d be surprised how far you can sling these baits on light line and longer, ultralight rods! Waxworms, tiny leeches, and ’crawler bits work best for tipping. When fishing deeper, use a slip bobber and adjust your depth so your ’Gill Pill rests 1-2 feet above the weeds.

6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • Gill Pill Greatness!!

    Posted by Firemedic on May 27th 2017

    Was the most successfull lure on Ohio Hardwater this past year . Orange was the absolute go to color , don't overlook this jigg , folks!

  • Paint

    Posted by ED on Mar 7th 2017

    The color I ordered is just different than my older Gill Pill jigs.

  • new gill pill user

    Posted by mark on Feb 7th 2017

    I found very good success last two times out on the ice started with glow and finishing my limit of bluegills on the clown color each time out.

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