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Pro Series Slender Spoon™

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$4.95 - $5.50

Norton Etrust Accredited Business

The pro-series slender spoon comes in 4 sizes as shown. 1/6 oz. 1/8 oz. 5/16 oz, and 1/4 oz.

Our Pro Series Slender Spoons are custom painted for more flash and attraction!  Plus, they feature wickedly-sticky VMC® Spark Point hooks to keep fish buttoned. 

The Pro Series Slender Spoon has fast become one of THE most popular ice lures of all time.  With its erratic, slow flutter on the fall action, the Pro Series Slender Spoon produces strikes when other spoons simply do not.

With 20 color patterns to choose from — with your choice of gold or nickel spoon backs – there’s sure to be a forage-matching option for wherever you fish!  All models – from the tiny 1/16th through 5/16th ounce are designed for all species under the ice!

chart shows Pro Series Slender Spoon stock number by weight

fisherman with a big fish caught with a Pro-Series Slender Spoon


a big fish caught with a Pro-Series Slender Spoon

big fish caught with a Pro-Series Slender Spoon

big fish caught with a Pro-Series Slender Spoon

big fish caught with a Pro-Series Slender Spoon

Prop 65 Warning badge WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • Slender spoon

    Posted by Ray on Jan 27th 2020

    Great jigging spoon for walleye and coho.

  • pro series slender spoon

    Posted by Daniel Reitsma on Dec 27th 2019

    I have used many other colors of the pro series spoon on Lake of the Woods for walleyes with great success. You cant go wrong purchasing these spoons!

  • Great spoon

    Posted by Carl on Jan 26th 2018

    Used these spoons for perch this past weekend. Tipped with a perch eye, they caught perch better than the spoons others were using.

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