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Rippin Lips Bootleg No. 17 – Original


Product Description

Product Description

Old number 17 is a great all purpose dip, so fish it all year ‘round and be sure to load it up on a tube or worm, so it continues putting off a powerful scent trail like a miniature chum line.

It's Sweet and EXTRA STICKY so it clings to dip worms and tubes like stink on a pig. This is one incredible catfish-catching concoction. Our original #17 dip is sweet, sour and sticky as molasses and a super potent blend that works in all currents and conditions. 

To use Bootleg dip bait, dip a dry catfish worm or tube into the jar and use a stick to push it down into the bait.  Swirl it around until it is fully coated.

Before casting, dip the worm into the water, lift out and wait about 30 seconds before casting.  This allows the dip to "set" on the worm.


For best results you want a creamy dip, so a little extra stirring goes a long way to catching.  In colder weather or if the dip stiffens up, spray some Rippin Lips Scent Trail directly into the jar and stir until the proper consistency is reached.  This natural fish oil with smooth out the dip and add a natural scent.

Finally, Bootleg Sweet and Sticky dip bait is designed to slowly disperse when on the hook and to attract the catfish in through scent.  After you cast out, wait about 15 minutes.  If no action occurs reel in, dry the worm, re-dip and cast to a different area.

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