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SuperCat® 2-Piece Casting Rods


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NEW Rippin Lips CAT GLASS SuperCat® casting rods feature 2-piece construction for easy transport. Great for the on-the-go catfisherman!

Rippin Lips CAT GLASS SuperCat® rods are built on the foundation of optimized E-Glass, S-Glass and graphite blanks. SuperCat® Rods deliver exceptional fishing performance, season after season. These truly are the lightest, most sensitive, and incredibly strong catfish rods you’ve ever fished—all at affordable prices. Grab one and experience the SuperCat® difference for yourself.

The NEW SuperCat® 7'6" 2-piece Dip Bait/Crawler-Medium Light action casting rod is designed specifically for using Rippin Lips Bootleg dip bait and live bait like nightcrawlers. With the rod in a holder or your hand, you can easily detect the slightest nibbles and the catfish will hook themselves from the flex of the tip. Rest assured, should you hook a three pounder or a thirty pounder, this rod can handle the pressure! If you are a serious channel catfisherman, you need this rod!

The SuperCat® 7'6" 2-piece Medium heavy action casting rod has a beefed up blank, heavier stainless guides and a fast tip. This is the finest trophy catfish rod that you will find at an affordable price! You can use it for BUMPIN’, HANGIN’, DRAGGIN’ or BOTTOM FISHING. It is stiffer than many competitors medium heavy action rods, yet has a fast soft tip to detect bites...and will catch catfish over 100 pounds if they latch on!

The SuperCat® 8' 2-piece Heavy action casting rod the choice of serious catfish hunters. This is a rod built to take the abuse that large catfish will dish out and last season after season. The extra length allows for longer casts and the heavy action lets you to cast unlimited weights of lead and use the heaviest line of choice! You will bust your reel or your line before you break this rod!


• 2-piece construction for easy transport
• Extra hard, chrome plated stainless steel guides
• EVA split grip handle yields tremendous balance for battling big fish
• Glow-in-the-dark tip section
• CAT GLASS blanks
• All guide wraps are thick epoxy coated

SuperCat® 2-Piece Casting Models

"S" is for SuperCat®

Rippin Lips’ extra tough catfish rods deliver top-notch traits, trimmed price-tags

Coralville, IA – Getting big things to budge often takes a tough, powerful tool. Seize a sledgehammer and drive a spike through a stump in seconds. Wield a crowbar and jimmy it loose just as fast. Power winch a half-ton truck from the ditch, like wrenching a colossal catfish from heavy cover.

For power tools and catfish rods alike, brute strength and durability are essential. But take a muscular, manly fishing rod and then substantially trim its weight. Double its sensitivity while you’re at it. Surround it with tough top-notch guides and a beautifully balanced handle system. Now you’ve got something special— a catfish rod worthy of the name, SuperCat®.

Designed by Rippin Lips catfish aficionados, the NEW SuperCat® 2-pice Casting Series features three carefully selected length/actions, created to conquer the species and situations anglers face every day. Built on the foundation of optimized S-Glass / E-Glass / Graphite blanks, SuperCat® rods offer the perfect balance of extreme strength and toughness with a light, sensitive side.

While most catfish rods utilize heavy E-Glass, the SuperCat® series also integrate select S-Glass fibers—a lighter, more advanced fiberglass that’s stronger and stiffer than its traditional counterpart. Another key distinction: S-glass offers nearly twice the modulus of traditional glass, resulting in the optimal blend of blank strength, smoothness and sensitivity.

These might just be the perfect rods for catfishing. Beyond the awesome strength and toughness of these SuperCat® Rods, they’re also exceptionally well balanced. Custom catfish rods—which cost hundreds of dollars— feature special split grip handles, and our SuperCat® now offer this same user-friendly design at a fraction of the price. They tuck comfortably under your arm when battling a big blue or flathead. This grip system also aids casting control and sensitivity—even if you’re fishing a small stream for channel cats. Once you try these rods, it’s hard to use anything else!

The SuperCat® custom EVA split grip handle yields tremendous balance for battling big fish, plus enhanced power for setting hooks and a comfortable under-arm fit while fishing. When building these rods, Rippin Lips insisted on extra hard, chrome plated stainless steel guides. For extra protection and toughness, all guide wraps are thoroughly epoxy coated. And to assure no bite goes undetected—even at night—all rod tips sport high-visibility glow tips.

Available in three lengths and actions, for large channel cats, flatheads and big water blues, SuperCat® 2-piece Casting Rods are competitively priced ($44.99 to $54.99) and ready to get bloodied in battle—just as their striking crimson blanks suggest!

Warranty info:

Rippin Lips warrants, to the original purchaser, that its SuperCat Rod products are free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. This manufacturer’s warranty is not intended to cover normal wear and tear, or failures caused by accidents, abuse, alteration, modification, misuse or improper care.

We do not offer repair or parts for rods. If your rod failed due to a manufacturing defect and is still under warranty, we will be happy to replace it with a new rod of the same or a comparable model. If your rod is within the original warranty period, we will need to inspect your rod to determine the nature of the defect.

Please send the following items to These easy steps will help us take care of your warranty claim as efficiently as possible:

  • Photograph of rod clearly showing brand and model – directly above handle
  • Photograph clearly showing the broken area(s) of the rod
  • Copy of the dated receipt or proof of purchase (If not purchased from
  • A brief description of how your rod broke
  • Your address and a daytime contact number

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  1. Great rods 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 28th 2019

    These rods are great for your eater size channels and should have no problem with bigger size channels, I just wish they were offered in a 1 piece model. But great rods.

  2. Finally a two piece casting catfish rod 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 8th 2017

    I've been looking all over for a medium heavy two piece casting rod for cat fishing and this is just what every travel catfisherman needs. It is extremely sensitive and can haul in monsters.

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