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Debunked: Fishing's Biggest Sub-Surface Secret Revealed

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Custom Jigs & Spins adds a dozen radiant colors to the Pro Series Slender Spoon line
Coralville, IA (October 29, 2014) – A UFO crashed in the desert of New Mexico in 1947, you say? No way! There's a “monster” swimming below the surface Loch Ness in Scotland? I don't believe it! Lure color's not of any importance when it comes to catching more fish? Say it isn't so!
Well, okay... The latter isn't so.

gold finish Pro Series Slender SpoonFor decades, mankind has been attempting to debunk some of life's strangest phenomena. Some, like whether creatures from above or below are real or not, may never be solved. Others, like whether a fish reacts to bait color, on the other hand, can be proven.   
Okay, okay... We know some of you scoff at the importance of lure color. Overall, the opinion is it’s the size, shape and action of an offering—in that order—that elicits strikes, long before color.
But rummage through the tackle totes of any career angler and you’ll find countless shades of favorite, go-to baits. These sticks will tell you that on those days when one lure out-produces all others, fine-tuning the bite eventually boils down to switching colors until the right one is tied on.
The fish-heads at Custom Jigs & Spins get it … and have introduced 12 new color combinations to their ever-popular Pro Series Slender Spoons.
As for you naysayers still preaching the size, shape and action over color sermon, ponder this: The Pro Series Slender Spoon now comes in four sizes at 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 and 5/16 ounce, and a proven fish-catching shape designed to give the lure a flutter-like-no-other action. And there you have it.
“There are so many reasons one shade may out-fish another on any given day,” says Walt Matan, lure designer and self-proclaimed janitor for Custom Jigs & Spins. “Water clarity, a fresh hatch of baitfish or insects, and even high-pressured fish in a popular waterway that have seen just about every lure a tackle box can hold, can be the culprits, just to name a few.
“And seems the only color that ever works when you're fishing is the one you don’t have with you.”
New for the 2015 ice-fishing season are six color patterns painstakingly hand painted onto both silver and gold Pro Series Slender Spoons, including Happy Hooker, Purple Decent, Gold Muffin, Smelt, Alewife and Fruity Vegetables, for a variation of 12 between a silver and gold base … and 28 color combinations total when united with the other already-proven painted Pro Series Slender Spoon patterns. Like the rest of the lure family, the new additions come rigged with a high-quality split ring and perfectly size-matched stick-sharp treble hook.
Color not of importance when it comes to catching fish? Debunked! And the secret to fish-catching success is to have plenty of Pros Series Slender Spoons on hand. As for the creatures that might appear in the night sky or occasionally take a peek above a lake's surface, well, we'll leave those unsolved mysteries for you to expose.

Pro Series Slender Spoon shown in Alewife