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Spoon Fed South Dakota Perch & Walleyes

Early Ice Upper Reds Lake Walleyes

Safe Ice & Slender Spoons: Devils Lake Walleyes

North Dakota Perch Feeding Frenzy

15-inch Crappie & Big LOTW Walleyes

Rainy River eye's

More Rainy

Lake Winnipeg B3 Blade Bait action

Open Water B3 Blade Bait Action

Rainy River Walleyes

Ice Big Bluegills with Plastics

Mississippi River Walleyes

Wisconsin River Walleye with the BFishN Tackle Crew

Sturgeon Bay Walleye with the Custom Jigs Crew

The Custom Jigs crew on Castle Rock Lake

Custom Jigs and Spins Tungsten Jigs

Green Lake Wisconsin ice trout with Custom Jigs

Whitefish on Sturgeon Bay with the Custom Jigs Crew

Panfish Tips From NAIFC Pro Kevin Fassbind

Cool Underwater Footage! How Panfish Strike Custom Jigs & Spins Ice Jigs 

Walt's Three Must-Have Ice Fishing Jigs

How To Choose Ice Jigs: Horizontal vs Vertical

Custom Jigs & Spins RatFinkee in Action!

CJS Proper Pronunciation Lure Names

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