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Custom Jigs & Spins’ Pro Finesse Drop Chain dynamite when added to any jigging spoon
Coralville, IA (July 29, 2014) – Fish. You see plenty on your sonar. They’ve been wallowing up and eyeing your jigging spoon all day. But without even as much as a sniff, every one turned tail and swam off. Something’s just not right. The bite, well, bites today. And that ain’t no fun.  
It’s a long way to the top, but you reel in and add a soft plastic to the hook. Nothing. Next you nip on live bait. Zilch. Obviously, it’s not an anything goes kind of day on the water. Your dream of limiting out has just been shot down in flames.
Or has it?
You reach into your tackle tote and grab a package of Custom Jigs & Spins’ new Pro Finesse Drop Chains and pick out your favorite color from the 4-pack. “Snap!” The whole rig attaches to the split ring in seconds. No tying knots with cold, numb fumble fingers. Nice!
With a lively minnow pinned through its lips to the dropper’s treble, you let your offering go down until it’s in the strike zone. While the lure sits motionless, the bait slowly settles yet waggles freely.
pr11.jpegAgain, your sonar shows your offering’s been noticed. One light lift and drop of the rod tip and the bait trails the spoon as it rises, and then wafts back towards the lake’s floor.“Wham!” What was once a problem child fish is no longer trouble for you.    
Yep, fooling finicky fish into striking are exactly why Custom Jigs & Spins created thePro Finesse Drop Chain. And they’re more than just a mere hook dangling from a line.
“For years we’ve been hearing about anglers using our spoons, like the Pro Slender Spoonand Wolf’s One Eyed Shiner, removing the hooks and tying on a ‘dropper’,” says Custom Jigs & Spins President Bob Gillispie. “So we thought we’d step up to the plate and give those anglers what they want – a first-rate rig but with added features that make them much simpler to use, and, that attracts more fish.”    
For starters, a brilliantly-colored hard-as-a-rock big “ball” of epoxy is molded to the middle of each super-sharp treble hook; the package coming with one each of four eye-catching shade of fluorescent orange, orange/chartreuse, as well glow and glow/red for night prowlers. And adhered to the bottom of each orb is a radiant crystal cut in diamond formation for even more added flash and flare.
Both sizes (10 and 14) of Pro Finesse Drop Chains come complete with just the right amount of high-test, thin-diameter chain that allows your bait to swim freely, yet without swimming too far from your spoon and out of the strike zone. A quick-snap clip provides easy on, easy off functionality on any spoon or jig. And the suggested retail price of only $4.99 for the 4-pack will keep anglers wallets back in the black.
For those about to fish the Finesse Dropped Chain when fish get finicky, we salute you.