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Video: Grandpa’s Go-To Shines Through


Pro Loren Keizer goes old school with Custom Jigs & Spins’ Hammered Slender Spoon
Coralville, IA (September 11, 2015) – Minnows do not have it made-in-the-shade. Their scale-covered skin does just what Mother Nature intended it to do – shimmer and glimmer with every twitch they make.

To put it simply: There’s no better target for predator fish to zone in on… period. Earth-shattering news? Not even close. It was many moons ago anglers took note of how dimples stamped into a spoon would reflect light just like the scales on baitfish. Beams of light blasting here, rays reflecting there, all coming from a single source.
And it’s that very vintage appearance of the hammered spoon in your grandpa’s tackle box that inspired Custom Jigs & Spins to fashion the Hammered Slender Spoon – the original shoehorn-shaped bait with a flutter like no other, whether jigged, cast or trolled.
Now, let us introduce you to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Guru of Ice Fishing and Custom Jigs & Spins Prostaffer Loren Keizer. He’s so confident in the fish-catchability of the Hammered Slender Spoon that he goes all out in this video and lets you in on the best metallic glints for different water clarities and to match local forage. Keizer also demonstrates the jigging action that turns an inanimate spoon into perceived fish food.


“Custom Jigs & Spins has brought an old idea back to life with the Hammered Slender Spoon,” said Keizer. “And there’s a reason they did... hammered metal still catches fish – pure and simple.”
The Hammered Slender Spoon is available in four sizes: 2-1/4-incher weighing in at 1/4-ounce, two unique 1-1/2-inchers in 1/8- and a 5/8-ounce weight for power jigging, and a 1-incher that tips the scale at a mere 1/16 ounce. Metallic gold-, silver- and copper-plated hues shine brightly to cover every grade of water clarity and baitfish simulating situation.
And like the others in the Slender Spoon series, an appropriately size-matched super-sharp treble hook—which can be easily removed and replaced with a Pro Finesse Drop Chain when extra dropper bling is the needed thing—comes standard, in addition to a high-quality snap to amplify overall action.
Just like the real thing, the Custom Jigs & Spins Hammered Slender Spoon shimmers and glimmers with every twitch they make.