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Ice Fishing
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The Purest has a buoyant, soft plastic body molded over a gold-plated hook.  It’s an excellent shallow-water choice since a Purest closely imitates the daphnia and freshwater shrimp that panfish feed upon heavily.  Great on Mississippi backwaters and every river backwater, post, slough, mill pond and lake!


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Ice Fishing

The Purest is so effective for shallow water crappies and bluegills that you might never need another lure.  Pros use the Purest without live bait with a slow, repetitive bobbing motion. The use of a stiff ice rod with a spring bobber tip will allow you to detect the slightest nibble when bobbing your Purest. 

The bobbing motion is best achieved by lowering your Purest to the bottom, reeling your rod down to the hole and then lifting six inches off bottom or higher. Then begin bobbing or raising and lowering your rod 1”- 4” until your spring bobber reacts in an undulating motion.  Keep bobbing until you notice something different.  Sometimes the fish will slam the Purest, but other times they will suck it in and your spring bobber will rise up.  In either case, set the hook immediately.

Open Water

Purests are so light they can be used with a fly rod for trout and panfish.  They offer a lot of action, especially in areas of current – and are very effective for wary fish.  I you run a Purest under a bobber, the ultra slow fall will attract panfish around piers, fallen trees and weed growth.  You can also add a small splitshot three foot ahead of the Purest for instant panfish action.





Here are more techniques for catching more fish!

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