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Slip Dropper


Ice Fishing
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The Slip Dropper system is a revolutionary fish-catching combo in three sizes for all fish species.  It allows you to adjust the dropper length between spoon and hook without retying.  You can use this system with any or your favorite ice jigs also.


Ice Fishing & Open Water Use

Just as the advent of the slip bobber pioneered adjustable depth settings with a float, the Slip Dropper has revolutionized adjustment settings when dropper fishing.

When fishing for walleye, a short dropper works well, but if the action slows, you can adjust the length between your spoon and dropper hook... often the ticket to tempting neutral to negative walleyes or perch into striking!  You can also use it for bluegill, crappie, trout or whitefish...anytime you want to get down deep quickly.

The Slip Dropper System consists of six components: The Slip Dropper Spoon, which attracts and entices; Two line snubbers that affix to the ends of the spoon and keep your dropper line from slipping; and a single hook Attractor Bug or a treble Attractor Hook. You also need a good quality ball bearing swivel (not included) to keep the system from twisting. 

The Slip Dropper Bug has a slow fall when tipped with spikes or a waxworm, while the Slip Dropper Spoon falls faster. This allows you to fish a deadly, slow-fall presentation in deep water. You can also use the Slip Dropper Bug by itself when shallow water fishing. The Bug offers a very slight presentation. For walleye or gamefish, you might want to use the colored Attractor Hook in place of the Slip Dropper Bug.

The Slip Dropper works best in 10 feet of water and deeper.  While the smaller- size 10 Slip Dropper is preferred for panfish, sometimes a larger-size 4 will work better for panfish with a long length of dropper line, especially in deep water, where the heavier spoon will get you down deep quickly. 

You can also use a Shrimpo or a Rocker or any favorite ice jig under the Slip Dropper Spoon.  The possibilities are endless!  This approach is deadly for trout and salmon and will slay panfish and finesse-oriented walleyes too!



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