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Getting Fired Up About Slender Spoons

Posted by Walt Mattan, Chief lure designer for Custom Jigs & Spins and B-Fish-N Tackle on Mar 27th 2023

Getting Fired Up About Slender Spoons

Slender Spoons have been working hard for us ice anglers for more than 40 years! Originally designed by Scott Stecher of Reef Runner Tackle, the Slender Spoon is a “must have '' for every ice fisherman! Currently Custom Jigs & Spins manufactures Scott’s original design and Chekai has been pounding them out in mass quantities in Croatia ever since.

I have caught every species through the ice on Slender Spoons and have several rods dedicated specifically for each of the four sizes! Their size, weight and action duplicates a fleeing or dying baitfish and fish just gobble them up. If this video doesn’t get you excited...I don’t know what will!

Slender Spoons for Perch

Looking for Perch? Grab a selection of Slender Spoons for perch. Lots of perch!. We like sizes 1/16th and even a 1/8th ounce to get the job done! Perch are prowlers...they hang around on the bottom searching for bugs and minnows. The flash and flutter of a Slender Spoon is just what the doctor ordered!

Chris Bresler and John Patarski shown with crappie they caught with a Slender Spoon

Yes, a Slender Spoon is great for crappie

What about crappie? Check out this episode from MidWest Outdoors! Crappie feed up, so when a Pro-Series Slender Spoon drops, it flutters and falls as the crappie approaches and attacks!

closeup of Slender Spoon in crappie's mouth

more crappie on the Slender Spoon, one with red worms

What about walleye?

And if it’s walleye you’re after, a Slender Spoon could be the perfect lure. Available in four sizes and 216 different color combinations, we have a size and color to meet your fishing needs!

Our original Slender Spoons come in nickel, gold, copper and black nickel finishes with reflective tape in colors like chartreuse, glow and blue. Our Hammered Slender Spoons come in Nickel, gold and copper. Plus, our Pro-Series and Pro-Glow-Series Slender's have custom air brush finishes and stepped up premium grade trebles!

Mike shown with a walleye with a Slender Spoon in his mouth

several walleye caught with a spoon

Extra picky fish?

You can add a Pro Finesse Drop Chain when the walleye are picky or if you are after perch or other panfish. The Slender Spoon will call them in from a distance and they will sneak up and slurp in the dropper hook!

using Pro Finesse Drop Chain on Walleye

shown Slender Spoons in two sizes and colors

Say “yes” to more ‘gill and white bass

When bluegill are aggressive, the Slender Spoon can’t be beat. It makes a great search lure to find them and when the action slows...switch up rods and try a small jig and bug.

and White Bass..FUH-GET-ABOUT-IT! Whiteys, Whites, The Tidy Whiteys...whatever you call them, they call Slender Spoons DINNER!

Walt catching lots of bass under the ice.

Walt with a White Bass

Panfish with lots of spoons on top

Basically, if a fish is under the ice you can catch’em on the Slender Spoon. Check out all these different species caught on Slender Spoons all across the ice belt!

bob pulling catfish out of ice

3 large pike caught on Slender Spoons

So Chekai will keep pounding them out!

Chekai making lures.

So that you can keep your ice boxes full!

Custom Jigs and Spins jig box show with crappie fish

And keep an eye out for Custom Jigs & Spins Slender Spoons at your local tackle shop!

Egad! Slender Spoon caught on an eyelid!

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