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Majmun™ Tungsten Jig


Ice Fishing
Norton Etrust Accredited Business


Majmün™ (pron. “my-moon”) – Available in 10 colors and 4 sizes, the Majmün has superb hooking power thanks to the high-quality Owner® hook, an unobstructed hook gap, and the jig’s slightly off-the-horizontal-axis orientation. 

Because the shank of the hook is extra long, the Majmün™ is great for use with CJ&S plastics like the Wedgee and Original Finesse Plastic. Plastic has many advantages; you can fish quickly, you keep the tiny "nibblers" from meddling with your jig and in some cases plastic works better on trophy sized bluegill, crappie and other panfish. 

Make no mistake, the Majmün™ works well with live bait also, in fact you can really glob the hook full of spikes or waxworms for power-speed fishing. Plus, because tungsten falls quicker than lead you will get into the big fish zone fast!

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