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Glazba™ Tungsten Ice Jig


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Ice Fishing
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Glazba™ (pron. “glahz-bah”) has a ton of attitude in its tiny tungsten body!  Its diamond nose picks up light refractions and brightens the day for bluegill, crappie and other panfish.

The Glazba™ diamond shaped body is front-loaded and designed to keep the hook riding at a 30° angle. It's ultra-sharp Japanese hook will give you optimum hooking power!

This is a heavy-headed tungsten jig.  Great for deep water perch and panfish year round.

The Glazba™ jig will brighten your day on the ice and in open water!

Glazba™ Features & Benefits:

• Diamond nose refracts light
• Diamond cut body adds weight
• Shows up big on locators
• Super sharp Japanese hook
• Deep water killer
• UV Non-chip paint

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