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Nary a Chip Off the Ol’ Block


BFishN Tackle’s H20 Precision Jigs fill every gap – except the crevices between wood and rocks
Coralville, IA (May 16, 2014) – Even folks who have only fished once during their lifetime (they do exist, believe it or not) will quickly tell you that fish live in precarious places. Thick weeds, standing timber and heaped rock – Mother Nature has put all of it in place over the centuries. All it takes is just a few casts and any angler will soon conclude: inferior tackle just won’t cut it.

BFishN Tackle H20 Precision Jig with 4-inch Moxi soft-plastic.
Now add menacing manmade cover to the mix, such as bulky brush piles held tight to a waterway’s floor by cement blocks, colossal slabs of concrete rip-rap along a steep shoreline, and even immense entanglements of iron strewn along the bottom. Anyone casting to such fish magnets will immediately respect their ability to collect lures.

pr14.jpegThis is why the designers at BFishN Tackle created the H20 Precision Jig. Much more than your average jig, the unique shape of the H20’s head—molded onto a heavy-duty hook that can muster monster fish from serious cover—wards off snags, while its paint is able to withstand sharp blows without chipping.
“We purely wanted to make a high-quality, yet affordable jig that could be used for several different techniques,” says Bob Gillespie, proprietor of Custom Jigs & Spins. “It’s as simple as that.”
Take a look at the slender-shaped head of the H20 Precision Jig. It’s molded onto a high-quality, ultra-sharp Mustad hook, and balances faultlessly horizontal no matter the knot used. Its ultra-thin shape also makes it more snag resistant when fishing tight to the very rock, wood and artificial structures that would normally gobble up any undeveloped jig.
The intelligently designed hook also features a wire bait-holder. It serves to secure soft-plastics such as BFishN’s tempting, bold-bodied Moxi and other jerk, curly and paddle-tail baits.       

pr15.jpegThe H20 comes in 14 dynamic and thoughtfully-created colors, and is further adorned with convincing forage fish eyes. Its primary fish-attracting color layer is powder coated then baked rock hard. On top of that, a veneer of clear epoxy seals the whole deal to a lustrous, even more chip-resistant finish. And, there’s even an unpainted version offered for do-it-yourself painters.
BFishN Tackle offers the H20 Precision Jig in nine sizes, including 1/16-, 3/32-, 1/8-, 3/16-, 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, 1/2- and 5/8-ouncers – those oh-so-crucial ‘tweener’ sizes are often skipped by other manufacturers.
BFishN Tackle doesn’t simply believe a quality fishing jig should last longer. They think anglers should pay less, too. MSRP for the H20 Precision Jig runs only $5.50 for a five pack and $9.95 for a ten pack, while the unpaitned versions go for ten for $5.25 and 25 for $11.95. The H20 Precision Jig is also offered in four different kits, including two (18 and 24 count) in the “Tiger Barred Series” and two (54 and 72 count) in “Standard colors”.
There’s no need to fear your next cast into heavy cover with BFishN’s H20 Precision Jigs. Chances are you’ll get ‘em back good as new, or better yet, stuck firmly in the corner of a fish’s mouth.