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Demon Jigging Spoon


Ice Fishing
Norton Etrust Accredited Business


Switch up your game and start fishing the Demon Jigging Spoon for more ’gills, perch, crappie and walleye.  Jigs are great, but sometimes spoons are better.  Larger size models are MVPs for walleyes, bass, trout, ’pout… All Demon Jigging Spoons feature two-sided paint jobs in hot colors and ultra-sharp Mustad® Red hooks for added attraction, KAPOW! 


Ice Fishing

Fishing 8, 10 feet or deeper?  Demon Jigging Spoons are a go-to.  We like to tip them with a Wedgee plus live bait – spikes or waxies for panfish; minnows or minnow heads for walleyes and jumbo perch.  A rapid jigging motion followed by a pause and hold is usually enough to seal the deal and provide a tasty meal!

Open Water

Tip with a Wedgee plus live bait for mucho action. Cast or vertical jig to tap those bigger mid-summer panfish in deeper water.  Slow troll with your electric motor over weedbeds for a memorable day.  Use light line for best results.






6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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