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H2O Precision Jig

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$5.50 - $9.95

Norton Etrust Accredited Business


H20 Precision Jigs feature premium quality Mustad® hooks … the sharpest hooks available, an integrated plastics “keeper” that holds the body of your bait tighter than any collar on the market and paint that just will NOT chip! 

All H20 Precision Jigs sport a high-gloss, epoxy-sealed finish that is nearly impervious to rock chips and cracking. Each jig has a unique stainless steel plastics “keeper” that holds plastics and ’crawlers better than any other barbed collar on the market today. The H20 Precision Jig Series is designed to function perfectly with live bait but these jigs are THE jigs for fishing AuthentX Pulse-R's, Moxi's, Ribb-Finn's, Ringworms, 5"-K-Grubs and Paddletails. 

No other jig combines the needed balance, premium quality oversized hook (not too big, just right), innovative plastics “keeper” and paint scheme found in the H20 Precision Jigs! 

The H20 Precision Jig Head design is a BFT exclusive and features a streamlined and perfectly- balanced head that cuts current and helps keep snags to a minimum. Available in 12 colors and 9 weights. 



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  • Jig

    Posted by mike kabacinski on Apr 18th 2020

    These jigs are top notch and are perfect with my favorite plastics!! The wire holder keeps my baits in place and I love how they stamped the weight right on the jig! No more guessing when searching through the box.

  • H20 jigs

    Posted by Nick Roehl on Apr 17th 2020

    I’m really impressed at how long the paint lasts on these jigs after banging rocks all day.

  • Impressive quality

    Posted by JustBassin on Apr 15th 2020

    Decided to finally give these a try. Have been using the pulseR and Moxi for a while with other jig heads with great results. When these came in, I was surprised by the build quality and hook. The plastic keeper works great as well. Will purchase more when my other stash of jig heads dwindles enough to stock up. These mate well with their plastic baits, would recommend giving trying these out for your applications.

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