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Nuclear Ant


Ice Fishing
Norton Etrust Accredited Business

The Nuclear Ant is unlike any ant ever seen before!  It offers a vertical presentation with the addition of a Finesse Plastic four-legged ant collar. The leg collars are interchangeable and replaceable for countless mix and match presentations to match any fishing scenario.


Ice Fishing

Ants have always been proven panfish producers … and now the Nuclear Ant steps up to provide the GREATEST ANT OF ALL TIME!  The Finesse Plastic legs attract and the gold hook has a long shank that allows easy hooking of big, juicy waxies or several maggots without compromising the action.  The Nuclear Ant is a great shallow water choice when fish are aggressive or when a more subtle action is needed to trigger finicky fish.  Available in two of  THE most popular panfish sizes, 10 and 8, we know guys who never go home empty-handed because they carry a full selection of every color Nuclear Ant in every size!

Open Water

Shallow water ’gills, crappies and perch can’t resist the Nuclear Ant when fished around piers, docks and fallen timber.  Fish sit in these high-opportunity areas waiting for ants and spiders to take the plunge.  Use a tiny float, casting bubble or fly rod to put the Nuclear Ant right in the strike zone.  And they’re not just for panfish.  Trout engulf Nuclear Ants with reckless abandon, so keep a supply in your trout box, too!


Warning SymbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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