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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing jigs and lures are essential tools for any angler looking to catch fish during the winter months. These small, yet effective, fishing baits come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles to match the preferences of different fish species. From tiny jigs for panfish to large lures for pike and walleye, lead or tungsten, Custom Jigs and Spins makes a bait for every situation.

Our selection of unique lures offers the variety you need to manage factors such as water depth, water clarity, and the type of fish you're targeting. Brightly colored jigs and lures can be effective in murky water, while natural colors work well in clear water. Our blog has a variety of great articles that offer up tips for many different fishing conditions.

When it comes to ice fishing, choosing the right jig can make all the difference. Our ice fishing jigs are renowned for their unique design and exceptional quality, setting the bar in terms of performance and versatility. We offer a range of sizes and colors to match various conditions, these jigs enable anglers to attract and catch a wide array of fish species under the ice. Whether you're a novice or an experienced ice angler, investing in Custom Jigs and Spins is a surefire way to enhance your ice fishing experience and boost your chances of reeling in a big catch.

If you need some assistance making your selection, just reach out to our support team which is staffed by experts.

Here's a few tricks for more catch:

  • Glow Brite Wedgee Kit


    GLOW BRITE WEDGEE KIT!  A $24.75 VALUE - 180 PIECES TOTAL... ONLY $19.95!  The Wedgee is a wispy thin piece of Finesse Plastic with a razor-thin, whip-like tail that oscillates with almost no rod movement, appealing to panfish that are feeding...

  • Premium Walleye Kit


    KIT 213 - PREMIUM WALLEYE  A $73.00 Value! 37 Total Pieces... ONLY $59.95!  Here is a great kit with everything a novice or seasoned walleye angler needs to catch fish under the ice.  This kit contains our most popular...

  • MEGA Tungsten Kit


    Mega Tungsten Jig Kit with Rose Creek Watertight box! A $101.00 Value!!  34 Pieces Total Pieces....Only $84.95 Here is a great tungsten jig kit that gets you a nice selection of Custom Jigs & Spins® Tungsten. It's great for ice fishing as...

  • Glow Rotating Power Minnow™ Kit


    This Kit Includes:Five RPM size 5 and Five RPM size 3's in our NEW GLOW COLORS! Plus a Free lure box with every kit! RPM FEATURES:• A unique eyelet that swivels to minimize line twist while imparting life-like action• A wide glide to fish far...

  • Rotating Power Minnow™ Kit


    This Kit Includes:Five RPM size 5 and Five RPM size 3's in our HOTTEST Colors! Plus a Free lure box with every kit! Note: Colors MAY vary from the ones pictured above based upon current sales trends and fishing reports! RPM Features: • A unique...

  • Majmun™ Bug Kit


    This 93 pc. Kit Includes Everything you need to make a wild and crazy combination of Majmun™ Bugs!This Kit Includes:6 NEW Multi-Colored Majumuns.  One of each of our NEW color designs.6 Majmuns in our most popular colors; hot orange, black,...

  • Panfish Wonder Glow Kit


    PANFISH Chekai™ WONDER GLOW  KIT!  17 PIECES TOTAL PIECES....RETAIL VALUE $47.00 ONLY $42.95 SOME OF THESE ARE SOOOO NEW THEY'RE NOT IN STORES YET!!! Here is a great Panfish jig and spoon  kit that gets you a complete...