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B3 Blade Bait

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We’ve taken this popular blade bait to an entirely NEW LEVEL by adding premium-quality VMC® split-shank treble hooks, 3D prism eyes & chip-proof paint in HOT fish-catching paint schemes… and five of the available color patterns GLOW! Fish them vertically on open water or through the ice for walleyes, saugers, white bass, and smallmouths. A slow lift and drop, just enough to cause the bait to vibrate on the upward stroke, triggers aggressive strikes. Cast B3 Blades to river eddies and fish them back on a slow, pumping retrieve… these B3 Blade Baits are incredibly fish producers!

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Although they’ll catch fish all season long, they can’t be beat in early spring and late fall … Just ask the guys who line up at boat launches with show shovels in February, March and April. Same goes for fall. It’s counter-intuitive for sure, but what blade baits do is TRIGGER reaction strikes through visual, vibratory and auditory cues. They flash, rip, slice, slash, dart and give off loads of vibrations that are simply too much for fish to ignore!

Here’s another tip: When it comes to lake trout, everything old is new again … Like fishing blades through in open water and through the ice for monster Canadian and Great Lakes lakers. During the late ‘70s and ‘80s, every lake trout nut loved his bladebaits … And although many anglers have switched to soft plastic tubes, the forgotten blade bait is an all-star! Drop to the bottom and start pumping straight up. And when you see a laker on your electronics start to give chase … DO NOT STOP reeling! If anything, reel faster and don’t be surprised if the trout hammers the B3 inches from the hole! One of the few fish without an air bladder, lake trout can scream from 100 feet down to the surface with zero equalization problems! No fizzing required! And more fun than you can shake an ice fishing stick at!

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  • Blade bait

    Posted by 5280Fisherman on Jun 17th 2020

    Runs true, good vibrations, colors hold up after getting beating into the rocks. Good bait to always have in the box and at this price, affordable to keep coming back!

  • Eyes came off shortly after using.

    Posted by Jon P Markley on Apr 16th 2020

    Great bait catches fish.

  • Great through the ice!

    Posted by Max on Feb 24th 2020

    So far I've only used these through the ice, and they definitely trigger some aggressive bites. Work great for walleye and have "accidentally" caught multiple 12-15" crappie too. I would prefer the hooks be about 1 size smaller, but they're crazy sharp. Also would really like to see them come out with a smaller size such as 1/8 oz; these are the best blade baits on the market and a smaller size could be lethal for crappie and stock trout. Also-also, wish I could find these in the same stores as their other baits instead of just online.

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