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Flu Flu Floater Closeout Jigs

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Open Water
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Flu Flu® Floater Jigs

Flu Flu® Feathered Floaters are great for walleye and other gamefish, as well as, perch and panfish.  Rig them with a walking sinker, egg Sinker, bottom Bouncer or a split shot to keep your bait suspended off bottom and attractive to the fish!

Another hot technique is to run a Flu Flu Floater as a trailer of a three-way rig with a B Fish N H20 Jig on your short line.  The H20 can be rigged with a Moxi and you can add live bait like a half crawler, leech or minnow on the floater, deadly double action!.


  • Flu flu float

    Posted by Travis on Sep 5th 2019

    One of my favorite lures, the hair just adds extra flash and they seem to be better quality then northland floaters. Hope they dont discontinued them

  • Fish on

    Posted by Jon on Jun 18th 2019

    I love these jigs tipped with a worm or minnow or even a twister tail I've fished them anywhere from 8in to 3 ft off bottom with 1/4 ounce weight to keep it on bottom

  • Great Deal - Great Price

    Posted by Capt.Skinner on Dec 28th 2015

    Awesome assortment of gear - the fish won't know that they were closeout items!

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