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Flu Flu Floater Closeout Jigs


Open Water
Norton Etrust Accredited Business

Flu Flu® Floater Jigs

Flu Flu® Feathered Floaters are great for walleye and other gamefish, as well as, perch and panfish.  Rig them with a walking sinker, egg Sinker, bottom Bouncer or a split shot to keep your bait suspended off bottom and attractive to the fish!

Another hot technique is to run a Flu Flu Floater as a trailer of a three-way rig with a B Fish N H20 Jig on your short line.  The H20 can be rigged with a Moxi and you can add live bait like a half crawler, leech or minnow on the floater, deadly double action!.

WEBSITE PRICES ARE PER JIG, sold individually.


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