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Magnum Chekai™ Tungsten Ice Jig


Ice Fishing
Norton Etrust Accredited Business

magnumchekai-chart.jpgThe Magnum Chekai™ is great for walleye and other gamefish - plus deep water perch and other panfish.  Whether you are looking for a heavy jig to bump rock or mud to attract fish or a deep water option, the Magnum Chekai™ is the right jig for the job.  Available in eight great colors this 7mm 9/64 ounce (a smidge heavier than 1/8 ounce)  jig sports an ultra sharp #6 long shank Japanese hook.  This hook rides at a thirty degree angle for instant hook sets.  You can tip the jig with a whole minnow, minnow head, plastic or bugs.


If you are after deep water walleye, jumbo perch, white bass, trout or large panfish, the Magnum Chekai™ is your number one choice to get down quick and attract those fish.  It is also an excellent option for fishing current, be sure to use light line for less resistance.

Open water anglers have caught onto tungsten jigs also and the Magnum Chekai™ can be used year 'round.

Tungsten Fun Facts:
• Tungsten is nearly twice the weight of lead, making for small, yet heavy ice jigs.
• 76% of all tungsten is located in China, the other 24% is squirreled away in a small Chekai factory in Croatia.
• Chekai has a 3” x 3” tungsten plate to prevent abduction from aliens.

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