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Ice Fishing
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Tütso™ (Pron. “toot-sew”) is the hottest NEW tungsten jig on the market!

The Tütso™ features a horizontal precision ball head tungsten design, an ultra-sharp Mustad gold hook, a superior paint scheme and a paint-free eye.

The Tütso™ comes pre-rigged with a super soft, slim Finesse Plastic body for slab sized panfish, trout and gamefish. Tungsten, being nearly twice the weight of lead, will get you down to the fish zone quickly, as well as give you quick, sharp jiggling action that fish can’t resist!

Order your replacement tails here Original Finesse Plastics

The Tütso ™ comes in three sizes for all species of fish. This bait is modeled after Custom Jigs & Spins® famous Rat Finkee which has accounted for millions of fish for ice anglers over the past 30 years!

WEBSITE PRICES ARE PER JIG, sold individually.

Sizes correspond to Hook size:

Custom Jigs & Spins Tutso jig size, weight and stock number chart

Anglers have been clamoring for a design that could get down quicker, keep their ice line tighter and reach greater depths than the Ratso and the Tütso™ tungsten jig answers all these requests. 

Our new crazy-hot colors of the Tütso™ like Wonderglow, Lemonade Glow and Pink Clown are just right to attract fish and avid ice anglers alike!

The Tutso comes in 3 sizes. Here's how they compare.

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