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  • Custom Jigs & Spins® Lure Boxes


    Here’s a great way to group jigs according to style, size or color – or just throw in a few of faves into one box – stow and go!  Old-timers will tell you that you don’t need anything other than the jig on the end of your...

  • ColdSnap Reel Wrap


    Reel Wrap securely holds your reel to your ice rod without damaging the cork. No need for tape. The Reel Wrap bands give you better feel and grip.  Want to remove your reel? Roll the bands forward and back to easily and quickly swap out your reel...

  • Rose Creek Polar Boxes


    Custom Jigs & Spins is your outlet for Rose Creek Angler Boxes.  All Rose Creek Polar Boxes come standard with “Taper Lock” clips, custom-engineered to hold ice fishing jigs securely, even in the coldest temperatures. ...

  • AuthentX™ Plastic Decals


    If only the best plastic will do, then this decal will, too! Stick this baby on your boat and when you’re slippin’ the Mississippi, the other anglers will give you the right of way! Comes in 2 sizes, small 7.5” x 4” and Large 11...

  • Nuclear Flash Micro Charger


    The World’s Best Glow Lure Charger!  The Nuclear Flash Micro Charger to all your Glow Brite ice lures. Available ultra-violet bulbs. • NASA approved: used by astronauts• High-powered LED light• 120 hour battery life...

  • Pro Slender Spoon™ Box


    This high quality box protects larger sized spoons like our Pro-Series Slender Spoons™ from chipping, especially when running hard on the ice on an ATV or Sled.  This great box holds up to 39 regular spoons up to 3 inches long. Box...

  • Draggin Jigs Instructional DVD


    Mastering Jig Dragging Presented by In Depth Outdoors. This DVD will provide you the step-by-step instructions you'll need to put Jig Dragging to use on your favorite body of water! This DVD covers every aspect of Jig Dragging starting with intro to...

  • Finesse Spring Rod


    “I really like this rod!” – Poppee One of the most effective ways to catch panfish through the ice is with quick, repetitive jigging movements of the rod tip. The problem with most ice fishing rods is that you can’t produce this...