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Demon™"The Original"

$2.18 - $2.85

Ice Fishing
Norton Etrust Accredited Business

All sizes of the original Demon fish jigs

The Demon™ is like an institution among ice fishermen. In fact, some anglers never use another jig style… instead, they keep a variety of sizes and colors on hand to catch any species at any time of year, anywhere. Yep, the Demon™ offers versatility in spades. The Demon’s™ design is deceptively simple, but don’t let that fool you. It’s built like a Sherman Tank, only smaller. Lots smaller. Beetle-shaped body… two-toned high gloss finish… Fluorescent-colored Demons™ feature a nickel back and Glow Brite finishes are painted on both sides.

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Available jig weights

Ice Fishing

The Demon™ size 10 is the most popular panfish pick – and the size 12 is a premier ultra-light lure for finicky fish. The flexibility of the Demon fishing lure is great. Tipped with a single spike, the Demon™ 12 is a tremendous shallow water bluegill producer. The Demon™ size 8 is great for perch and crappies or any fish species keying in on larger profile forage. Demon™ size 6 has the same size body as the size 8, but the size 6 hook will accept a larger minnow or other supersized bait options. When fishing “eater” walleyes, the Demon™ size 6 will outproduce heavier, bulkier jigs on highly-pressured lakes. The largest size 4 is an excellent choice for chasing the bigger ’eyes, but make sure to balance your tackle! A Demon™ size 4 used with a whole minnow or minnow head on a medium-action rod and 6 pound test line, while a Demon size 12 used on a light rod with 2 pound test line. Size 4 is nearly unbeatable on a dead stick or jingle reel; size 12 is deadly on a long rod in shallow water.

Open Water

Don’t overlook the Demon™ for open water. Size 4 Demons in Glow Brite colors like GB7 are super effective for walleyes in dirty, high-water river situations or the tannic waters of the North. Tip it with a large fathead minnow or shiner and cast on light spinning tackle. Strikes can range from subtle taps to full-on reaction bites that nearly yank the rod from your hand! And don’t forget size 6 and 8 Demons for panfish! Worms, small leeches, minnows, waxworms and maggots make ideal partners to any Demon.

huge bass caught by walt with the demon

the original demon in a fish mouth


another bass caught under the ice with the demon fish mouth

Perch caught with the demon

6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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