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AuthentX™ 5" K-Grub

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$4.49 - $32.64

Norton Etrust Accredited Business

Think all curly-tail grubs are the same? Think again. That’s like saying a crankbait is a crankbait… or any plastic worm will do… Besides the beefy body and a subwoofer thump, what sets the 5-inch K-Grub aside from other curly-tail grubs is balance. The bait was designed to ride straight and true with a tail that activates with the slightest move. Watch it in action and you’d swear it was
alive, undulating on the retrieve with the movements of a fat, jumbo leech. And we all know how big smallies, walleyes and panfish LOVE leeches.

The profile also matches gobies, young-of-the-year fish, crawfish, salamanders, and other aquatic critters too tasty for gamefish to pass up! Bigger, beefier and more balanced than competitors’ curlytail grubs, the K-Grub gets bit because it has the size and movement of real forage, no matter what or where you fish! It’s a universal fish-catcher that deserves more time in every angler’s tackle rotation. To catch big fish, fish BIG baits! These 5” K-Grubs give off more “thump” when fished at low speeds and are deadly effective on walleyes, saugers, largemouths, smallies and pike.

Rig ’em light on a B-Fish-N Tackle jig and cast to the shallows during low-light periods for aggressive fish or opt for heavier jig head to probe the depths during the middle of the day. Sporting the best tail design on the market in 18 colors! From baitfish-matching patterns like Pearl Blue Salt & Pepper and Black-N-Silver that excel in clear waters—to vivid colors like Firetiger and Firecracker/Chartreuse for stained waters—there’s a choice for every fishing situation.

6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • 5” k-grub

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 12th 2019

    Had a chance to fish these last night and caught smallies on casts 3,4, and 6. Perfect size for me and will be buying as long as they make em.

  • Authentic plastics

    Posted by John on May 15th 2018

    The entire line up of authentic plastics are staples in my arsenol, ringworms,moxis,pulse it's & the k grub. Cotton candy color amongst the best. Recently caught my personal best on the k grub in that color 7.3lbs. Wish the entire line up came in that color.

  • k grubs

    Posted by Unknown on May 10th 2017

    Product quality is great! Shipping and communication are really fast.

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