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​AuthentX Plastic Factory Seconds Grab Bag - 20 pcs.

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Open Water
Norton Etrust Accredited Business

This grab bag features a 20 pc. mixture of all of our AuthentX plastic; Moxi, Pulse-R, RibbFinn, Ringworm, Paddletail and K-Grub.  These are factory seconds, so don't complain.  Some of them are off color, wrong color combos,  others have slight blemishes and some may be slightly bent.  They are all still functional and will catch fish!

Each bag is mixed with different sizes, colors and styles, no guarantee the colors pictured will be in the bag.  If you use a lot of plastic and want a great deal, this bag is for you.  If you want to try different styles and sizes, then this bag is for you.  If you like surprises, this bag is for you!

We can't guarantee how mixed up the bag will be and the colors may blend slightly.  There are 5 mixes of colors to choose from: pink and/or white mix, chartreuse/ green mix, chartreuse/orange mix , a Dark colors mix and a Light colors mix. EACH BAG WILL VARY IN SELECTION OF COLORS, NO 2 BAGS WILL EVER BE EXACTLY THE SAME COMBOS.

6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • Incredible Value

    Posted by Jon on Mar 20th 2019

    Great price for a variety of plastics. If these products had some sort of flaws, I really didn't notice them. Neither did the fish.

  • Best deal

    Posted by Unknown on May 3rd 2018

    These are labeled second hand but their just as good as the ones bought from the store. Some may have a slight color variation but I'm sure walleyes don't mind. $3.99 for a mixed bag of 20 plastics is a steal. I bought all the color mixes and I couldn't be happier.

    reply: Thanks for the kind words, but to be clear the Grab Bags are Factory seconds, so while they are good, they're flawed. Might be bent, incorrect colors, etc. but you're correct they still work great!!!

  • Great value

    Posted by Dave on Apr 18th 2018

    Super pleased with my purchase. Had a few rejects but everything else was great. Worked good and caught fish.

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