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Demon™"The Original"

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Ice Fishing
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The Demon™ is like an institution among ice fishermen. In fact, some anglers never use another jig style… instead, they keep a variety of sizes and colors on hand to catch any species at any time of year, anywhere. Yep, the Demon™ offers versatility in spades. The Demon’s™ design is deceptively simple, but don’t let that fool you. It’s built like a Sherman Tank, only smaller. Lots smaller. Beetle-shaped body… two-toned high gloss finish… Fluorescent-colored Demons™ feature a nickel back and Glow Brite finishes are painted on both sides.

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Ice Fishing

The Demon™ size 10 is the most popular panfish pick – and the size 12 is a premier ultra-light lure for finicky fish. Tipped with a single spike, the Demon™ 12 is a tremendous shallow water bluegill producer. The Demon™ size 8 is great for perch and crappies or any fish species keying in on larger profile forage. Demon™ size 6 has the same size body as the size 8, but the size 6 hook will accept a larger minnow or other supersized bait options. When fishing “eater” walleyes, the Demon™ size 6 will outproduce heavier, bulkier jigs on highly-pressured lakes. The largest size 4 is an excellent choice for chasing the bigger ’eyes, but make sure to balance your tackle! A Demon™ size 4 used with a whole minnow or minnow head on a medium-action rod and 6 pound test line, while a Demon size 12 used on a light rod with 2 pound test line. Size 4 is nearly unbeatable on a dead stick or jingle reel; size 12 is deadly on a long rod in shallow water.

Open Water

Don’t overlook the Demon™ for open water. Size 4 Demons in Glow Brite colors like GB7 are super effective for walleyes in dirty, high-water river situations or the tannic waters of the North. Tip it with a large fathead minnow or shiner and cast on light spinning tackle. Strikes can range from subtle taps to full-on reaction bites that nearly yank the rod from your hand! And don’t forget size 6 and 8 Demons for panfish! Worms, small leeches, minnows, waxworms and maggots make ideal partners to any Demon.






6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • Demon

    Posted by James Ottenweller on Jul 10th 2020

    I’ve been using these jigs for last 2 years crappie fishing they are best jig I have ever used I’ve caught more fish on them then any other jig.

  • Demon glows are my go to lure for perch!

    Posted by ronald adamczyk on Apr 24th 2020

    Demon glows are my go to lure for perch fishing. Cannot tell you how many fish I catch on these lures. Great product.
    Love the product

  • Demond "The Origional"

    Posted by Gary Hinds on Mar 7th 2020

    I've used these jigs for 30+ years in open water and through the ice. They will handle panfish to pike in any season. My go to all around bobber and a wax worm set up. You can't go wrong!!!

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