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2-Spot Jig


Ice Fishing
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Old timers have made the 2-Spot one of the most productive ice jig styles of all time, a must-have for every ice angler’s arsenal.  What can we say?  Time tested fish catchers thanks to the traditional tear drop spoon design with gold-plated hook.  2-Spots are ultra-thin yet offer a nice profile that panfish love, plus a slow rate of fall that’s deadly on neutral to negative fish or panfish in shallow water and weeds.  



Ice Fishing

2-Spots excel in shallow-water.  They are a Mississippi River backwater killer!  Tip a 2-Spot with a single maggot or waxworm when fishing is tough, or chandelier multiple spikes when fish are aggressive.  2-Spot sizes 8 and 6 work deeper and can be tipped with multiple spikes (try five or six all the way up the hook shank). Or dress a 2-Spot size 6 with a small shiner minnow for crappies on a dead stick rod.  Just remember to play with your depth; crappies often feed higher in the water column than you’d expect, sometimes right below the ice!

Open Water

The 2-Spot size 6 is a top open-water producer.  The light-wire hook prevents tearing so minnows stay lively.  Try drifting 2-Spots 18- to 24 inches behind a BB split shot; it’s a great way to catch ’gills, perch and crappies just about anywhere there’s water.





   6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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