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Diamond Jig


Ice Fishing
Norton Etrust Accredited Business

When pursuing deeper panfish, look no further than the proven Diamond Jig. Although small and compact, it fishes “heavy” to reach full-fathom bluegills and crappies.

Sniffers become biters and biters become dinner, thanks to excellent hooking potential via an ultra-sharp hook offset at 45-degrees. Each jig includes a bead attractor for added slab appeal ( EXCEPT PLATED lures, Gold, Nickel & Copper, they DO NOT Have beads)! Also Bead Color will vary. NOTE: This lure contains Lead , which some states have banned, if you live in one of those states you might want to check out our large selection of Tungsten jigs.

WEBSITE PRICES ARE PER JIG, sold individually.


Ice Fishing

The Diamond Jig is an excellent choice for MONSTER ’gills and crappies that move a little deeper as the winter season progresses. How to work it? A fast, repetitive jigging motion is key and works best tipped with spikes or waxies. You can also thread half a CJS Noodel or Wedgee up the hook and catch fish without live bait! Su-weet!

Open Water

Larger-sized Diamond Jigs are excellent choices for open water scenarios, and work great under fixed or slip floats. Tip ’em with spikes, waxies or small leeches and get ready for lots of action!

A Crazy True Story

During testing with a prototype Diamond Jig in 2009, Custom Jigs lure designer, Walt Matan caught the then ice fishing world record flathead catfish on 3 pound test. The fish was caught in it's upper lip and the hook pulled completely straight, but the barb somehow remained lodged and he was able to land it.

The ironic thing was that on the day before Walt and Poppee caught over 100 bluegill, crappie and bass on this same lure on the same line and the same pole without ever retying!  Below are all photos of fish they caught on that same Red Glow Diamond Jig on those two days.






Catch even MORE FISH with our Diamond Jig fishing tips!

6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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