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Frizbee VertiGlo Jig

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All Vertiglo Tackle Frizbees feature a super-hard paint finish, quality hooks and a jig body that glows on one or both sides!


The Frizbee is a vertical-hanging jig that flashes on the fall – just the thing for deeper perch and other panfish.  Jigged or dead-sticked...pure dynamite.  All colors are available in sizes 8, 6 and 4.  Bug it up by slipping on a Nuclear Ant Leg collar and a Wedgee, then add a few waxwroms.  You wanna' talk bluegill, largemouth, white bass or walleye?  The Frizbee will start that conversation and end it with a whopper!


Don't forget the Frizbee for open water fun.  Cast it out and when it comes back to you, it will have a fish on...sorry couldn't resist a little Frizbee humor!


6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • Fish Like The Shape

    Posted by knu2xs on Jan 28th 2016

    I've been using "ice fishing" jigs for open water fishing since the mid-70's and have used a lot of different jigs over the years. I first started using the VertiGlow Frisbee two years ago and it's become one of my top producers for night time Catfish & Crappie. I've also caught a fair number of Walleye on them.

    I gave some to my oldest son, who has been fishing for over 30 yrs. now and something he said one day back in 2014 pretty much sums up this jig.

    We were shore fishing our favorite lake and his "zone" was producing some big Crappie. He was really into them using a #6 "Froggie" Frisbee tipped with a fathead minnow when he said, "I don't know what it is about this shape, but they really like it!"

    While I have every color of Frisbee, and almost every size, my top producers are No.4's in Froggie & Red with Silver Foil.

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