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Panfishing for Regular Guys... Part 1 "The Basics"

Posted by Walt & Poppee Matan on May 17th 2018

Panfishing for Regular Guys... Part 1 "The Basics"
Bluegill and the rest of the panfish provide great sport and excellent eating. If you want to learn how to catch gamefish like largemouth bass, pike and muskie, then you need to start small. Small lures and small fish. You see a bluegill shares nearly the same habits and instincts as his gamefish cousins, so learning to hunt these panfish will get you to become a fish catching machine, no matter what quarry you’re after! So in order to catch bluegill and panfish the right way, you need to get geared up. You'll need an ultra-light rod with a soft fast tip. Any 1000 series reel will do as …