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Rocker Jig


Ice Fishing
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Look familiar? Yep … Rockers have been bucket-fillers for years, widely used by ice pros, old-timers and beginners alike.  Built around a sticky-sharp gold hook, these traditional slim-tapered spoons get the job done, day-in, day-out!  Bluegills, crappies, perch, white bass, walleyes, trout ... we haven’t met a fish that won’t eat a Rocker!  The Rocker is another great Mississippi River staple!


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Ice Fishing

When tipped with spikes or waxies, a light jigging motion is all that is necessary to propel Rockers into an inverted flip, which often triggers strikes from non-aggressive fish.  Another great technique is the jiggle and pause method.  Jig aggressively for a few seconds and then pause; repeat as necessary to catch fish.  Rockers can also be tipped with a small minnow and dead-sticked for a subtle, natural presentation.   

Big bluegill aficionados swear by purple!  But tip any of ’em with a waxworm and you’ll stink up a frying pan pretty quick!  Available in 15 proven, fish-catching colors to match any angling scenario.  For stained waters, try Hot Orange,Yellow Chartreuse, Hot Yellow, Lime Chartreuse or Glow Brite.  In clear waters, it’s pretty tough to beat Pearl White, Black, Gold and Nickel. 

Open Water

Don’t be afraid to use the size 8 Rocker in summer.  Thanks to their slim profile, they’re just the ticket for spooky panfish hiding by docks and piers, fallen trees or weed edges.  Rockers work best tipped with tiny minnows, redworms or waxworms and suspended under tiny fixed or slip floats. 



6pt.png WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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